Thursday, October 22, 2009


Time to play hardball. I decided to ditch Feedburner altogether and go with the competition . . . except that I couldn't find the competition. Perhaps the sadistically demented evil genius barons eradicated them with their mercenary hit squads.

What. You don't believe they have hit squads? Of course they do. How else would they protect their market share from the sincere, good-hearted, small-time guys that just want to better the world with their user-friendly programs?

Although I didn't find the competition, I did find this web site that seemed to simplify the installation process. I ditched the original widget, (which partially satisfied my urge to destroy something) and used a different version which is less complicated for the subscriber. It's too soon to brag, but I hope it works.

There are innovators out there capable of good things. Check out the links on this site.

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