Friday, October 23, 2009

time to brag (cautiously)

Success! I received my first automated blog update today. Definitely time to brag very cautiously that I was indeed able to successfully install an email subscription widget. Not that I actually figured out what was wrong when it wasn't working . . . I think it just sort of fixed itself. All you computer whizzes out there with three year-old sisters who can install widgets blindfolded are giving each other knowing glances right now. Actually it was probably some secret fan (who is an undercover computer whiz) that fixed the problem for me on the sly so I would think that I did it myself. Or maybe the sadistically evil computer barons were intimidated by my threats to shut them down when I become King of the World. In any case, you can now get email updates on this blog by using the much-bragged-about form on the left side.

In case you are nervous about divulging your email address to the system for fear of contracting a digital form of swine flu, rest assured that you'll at least go down in good company. Upsala Fire Department and my instructor friend Andrew from Toronto agreed to be guinea pigs. If our computers start sneezing and coughing, I'll notify you with an immediate blog alert . . . which you won't get unless you're signed up for email updates. Now who is the evil genius.

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