Thursday, October 22, 2009

the sad saga of email updates

I tried clicking on my much-bragged-about email subscription link and am now getting a message that says "this feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled." That's computer lingo for, "you really weren't naive enough to think this thing works, were you?"

Okay, so I'm a digital dough brain, but everyone has to start somewhere. I decided to check out the Feedburner help site, one of those places where greenhorns like me can vent their frustration (without taking a hammer to their laptop), and condescending computer whizzes can offer insightful tips. The site was more like an Alcoholics Anonymous group for frustrated bloggers. There were plenty of problems, but no one seems to have any answers. "Feedburner Help" should be renamed "Feedburner Helpless."

I told you the digital world is monopolized by sadistically demented evil computer barons. They entertain themselves by reading through the self-help group postings. I can hear them now: "Hey Gizmo, did you see that thread about the email subscriptions? There were 372 posts, and no one figured out that we intentionally made that feature inoperable! What a bunch of losers."
Someday, when I'm King of the World, they will pay.

[update: the email subscription thing has been working fine for quite a while now. In your face, evil computer barons!]

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