Wednesday, October 14, 2009

more innovations and some irrelevant stuff

Speaking of innovations, Arizona has been experimenting with a modified version of CPR where you compress like mad but don't stop to breathe for the patient. Not your traditional CPR, but if it works who cares. Click here for a story about a guy that saved his wife's life with this new-ish method. If you haven't had CPR training, go get it. For once, I'm not kidding.

I hear that King Kong's bones are for sale. For those of you that have always had a burning desire to own them, click here.

Imagine an innovation that allows a firefighter to be right there when the fire starts, rather than arriving five minutes later when the room is fully engulfed (city departments) or fifteen minutes later when the whole house is engulfed (rural departments). The fire would be extinguished with a few short bursts of water, instead of a deluge that damages as much or more property than the fire itself.

Such a technology exists. Yes, this is old news, but people are taking a long time to catch on for some reason.

Ever wonder what the Americans think about us Canadians? Apparently they don't think about us much at all . . . click here.

And finally, it is now illegal to use a cell phone while driving in Ontario, unless it has hands-free technology. Don't plan on using your phone and driving in California either, especially if you are the governor's wife (whose husband wrote the cell phone law). Someone is sure to be watching.

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