Potato Soup, Spur of the Moment

Spur-of-the-moment-Potato Soup

  1. Take out the leftover mashed potatoes from the fridge (a cup or two?)
  2. pour some milk (maybe 3 cups?) into a pot and turn the heat on low
  3. stir the potatoes into the milk
  4. sprinkle on some chopped chives and grind some fresh pepper into the soup
  5. add salt and garlic to taste
  6. put in a touch of ground red pepper
  7. cook for a little while, stirring frequently
  8. worry that it isn't enough soup for your hungry brood, and add another potato, peeled and chopped very fine
  9. worry that the potato you added won't finish cooking in time
  10. wish you had chopped the potato finer (note: steps 8-10 are optional)
  11. cook on low for a while, stirring often unless you like burned potato soup
  12. fret that the soup won't have enough flavour and add a couple slices of creamed cheese
  13. cook slowly and make sure the cheese all melts
  14. wish you had some ham to chop and add
  15. turn off the heat, add a half a cup of grated marble or cheddar cheese, stir in and let it sit for a minute or two
  16. sprinkle a little paprika on top, just because
Eat it with Tim's Parmesan Garlic Basil Oregano Pepper Bread Sticks.

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