Vegetables, Tim's Zucchini

Tim's Zucchini Mix
(a boring name, and probably not entirely correct, since my wife had the original idea)

  1. slice up a carrot or two (if you don't like carrots, go on to step 2)
  2. slice up a whole, red bell pepper (if you don't like bell peppers, go to step 3)
  3. slice up a small zucchini (if you don't like zucchini, you've got the wrong recipe)
  4. slice up some mushrooms, whatever kind and however many you want (you can't dislike mushrooms)
  5. melt some butter in a cast iron pan at medium heat
  6. sautee the carrots first for a little bit - they need a head start
  7. toss in the zucchini and mushrooms
  8. sautee everything until almost done
  9. throw in the bell peppers
  10. add some salt, crushed black pepper, and garlic
  11. sprinkle some parmesian cheese, enough to cover the whole thing
  12. shake some basil on to taste, and a touch of oregano. If you have fresh basil and oregano, that's better
  13. toss everything together and taste, add more spices if necessary
  14. cook a tad bit longer, until everything is bright and springy, but not mushy (unless you like mushy zucchini)
  15. eat immediately
DON'T OVERCOOK IT!!! You want everything nice and firm.

Note: You can do this recipe with no butter:
  1. make sure the vegetables are sliced and ready to go on a cutting board
  2. have a tight fitting lid handy for your cast iron pan
  3. heat the pan nice and hot
  4. add some water to the pan and dump the vegetables in right after
  5. put the lid on and let it steam until done (add a little more water if necessary, but you want it to steam not boil)
  6. add the spices and parmesan near the end
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