Thursday, April 7, 2011


I suspect that Eric Schmidt's ears are ringing from all the nasty things I said about Google Blogger's  ridiculous help section. After losing a few handfuls of hair, I finally sorted out the formatting problem of two posts ago, at least for the next five minutes. With cyber gremlins and evil computer barons wandering the digital world on a dastardly mission to wreak havoc on innocent bloggers like myself, I don't have much hope for long term cyber  tranquility, but for now all is forgiven. At least for the next five minutes.

Speaking of bloggers, the Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Association blog is up and running, and I am honoured to be a contributor. It's still a work in progress, but you can see the first three posts here. As always, I'm interested in your opinions about my opinions, so if you have comments, send them along (after they get the comment feature up and running . . .).

The instructing season is upon us, and my weekends are booked until the end of June. For the next couple months, firefighters will alternately roast or freeze, depending which course they choose. Believe me, it's a lot of fun, and a welcome diversion from a gloom of political campaign shenanigans. If you ever need cheering up, attend a volunteer firefighter training weekend. I'll try to keep you posted with any photos I can beg borrow or steal.

[Side note: I still think our venerated politicians should all be required to spend time each year volunteering, and a weekend ice rescue course would be just the thing to encourage them to chill out a little]. 

You can read one of my posts on recession, firefighter training, and the silver lining here.

While we're sort of on the topic of politics and opinions, Pittgirl has run into another hornet's nest by confessing that she's a Republican (horrors). You can see the post that caused the storm here, and the aftermath here.

American politics doesn't interest me as much as American opinions about politics. I think that everyone agrees that democracy gives you the inalienable right to be wrong. I get amused when people insist on claiming the right to tell you how stupidly wrong you are.

You can read about my musings on another hot American debate topic here and here. If you want to read more, just type "health care" into the search box . . .

You can read a confession about my former life here.

By the way, feel free to tell me anytime how wrong I am. It is, after all, your inalienable right :-).

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