Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I thought I was an opinionated guy, and proud to admit it. But the other day I realized that my feet are barely wet in the big, swirling, shark-infested Sea of Opinions. These waters are dangerous. Do a Google search on "freedom of speech" and you'll find plenty of stories of people being locked up or even killed for speaking their mind.

You would think that blogging would be a safe way to say what you think, but it isn't. If you haven't read CNN lately, click here to for a story - it was headline news - about a lady from Pittsburgh that blogged her way right out of a job . . . all because she spoke her mind about pigeons, politicians, and others members of the same species.

I admire this lady. She's out there swimming, surfing, diving, having a great time. Sharks don't intimidate her . . . she harpoons them. I think she might even own the Sea of Opinions. If you are up for the challenge, and aren't afraid of a little irreverence, click here to read her blog.

Blogging isn't the only way for the forthright to get into trouble. Here is another story, this time about a comedian.

The problem is this: making fun of people that take themselves too seriously is as natural as dumping water on fire. Canadians have figured this out, and generally aren't afraid to laugh at themselves . . . which makes it easy to laugh at the rest of the world.

Which brings me to another point. I finally figured out why some Americans are shy of government-run health care. It's Marxiphobia. The old J. Edgar Hoover style stop-the-communists syndrome. Living under Canada's strict, totalitarian regime of "free" health care for most of my life, I didn't truly understand the threat until I saw this video clip. Those insidious socialistic weasels have wormed their way right into the fabric of our communities. They've infiltrated the heart and soul of our culture . . . the fire service. And all this time I thought that fire departments were formed to give nutty people like me a useful way to express their inner craziness. But then, I've always been slightly naive. Stick to capitalistic health care folks.

On a serious note, Buffalo lost a couple of firefighters in the line of duty a few days ago. Click here for the story. It's no use trying to philosophize the trauma these guys and gals are feeling, but if you are the praying type, now is a good time to say a prayer for everyone involved.

On a less sad, but just as serious note, here is an update on DJ Harper, the young fellow who nearly died in a vehicle fire in July. He is recovering, but has a long way to go. You can watch a video clip of his dramatic rescue here.

I finally realized that I can change the font this blog uses, so now you can read my opinions in large type.

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  1. We Canadians living in the US have had a very hard time convincing our wonderful American friends of the truth about Canadian health care. This article states it well, so we share it whenever we can:


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