Wednesday, April 6, 2011

technical difficulties

I'm having trouble with the formatting in my most recent post on ice rescue, and it's now after midnight so it will have to wait. The evil computer barons are obviously active tonight. Stay tuned, I will yet conquer.

Update: I searched Blogger help and found that lots and lots of people have the same problem when they upload photos to Blogger. It's such a relief to find that I'm not the only html idiot in the world.

[Side note: I ended up inserting a bunch of serif dealies (~) in the places where Blogger refused to allow spaces, then changed the colour of the serifs to match the template background to make the unwanted text invisible. After numerous revisions and republishings, the post is up, but the format is still messed up, depending on the size of your screen. It's a lousy fix, but the best that I could come up with.]

The Blogger Help pages are full of problems and short on meaningful answers. Sounds like a federal election.

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