Thursday, April 1, 2010

We Won

Surely you've heard by now. Upsala was voted North America's top tourist destination in 2009.

I don't blame you for being stunned, especially since we were up against the sun-soaked beaches of California and the breathtaking beauty of Banff. It could have been the quiet, friendly atmosphere of the Upsala Shell Restaurant. Or maybe the convenience of a General Store/Post Office/Liquor Store complex conveniently located in the downtown core of the village. Undoubtedly our fire department's crackerjack reputation contributed to the decision. Whatever it was, welcome to the new tourist capital of North America.

And happy April Fool's Day.

Okay, that was a little far out, but so is designating the moon as a UNESCO World Heritage Site so that flocks of space tourists don't steal the artifacts left behind by lunar missions. The Lunar Legacy Project isn't even playing April Fool's pranks.

And people think I'm loony.

By the way, if you do decide to check out Upsala's tourist amenities this summer, bring your space suit. You'll need it to fend off the blackflies.

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