Saturday, April 17, 2010


Green up is possibly starting, but it's hard to tell for sure. A green shadow has appeared in a few places, kind of like the five o'clock shadow that isn't really a beard, but isn't really clean shaven either. Actually, in this case, it's like the peach fuzz on a 13 year-old . . . more wishful thinking than anything.

It's a forest fire waiting for an opportunity. The long, dead grass (kind of like the dried up, wispy gray beard of a 100 year old Chinese sage?) only needs the suggestion of an ignition source and it's up and burning. Yesterday we were paged to a tree on a hydro line out in the far, far flung peripheral edge of the universe. It was turn-your-umbrella-inside-out windy, but I declined. I don't mind helping the province out, especially because they pay us to help, but there were too many potential tree-on-hydro-line incidents waiting to happen right here in our back yard. And it would feel really dumb if the whole village burned down while we were an hour away babysitting a tree on a hydro line.

I found out later that the province sent two water bombers and a chopper crew to the forest fire that resulted from the tree on the line. I hated to miss all that fun, but at 7:00 we got our own tree on our own hydro line and had our own fun right in our own backyard. There really is some justice in the world.

Gotta run. I'll have to catch you up on the other latest news from the peripheral edge later.

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