Monday, April 5, 2010


The first anniversary of my blog came and went without fanfare. No trumpets. No interview with Oprah or Ellen. No front page headline in the New York Times (I could have even written it . . . Alien Blogger Survives Year in Cyberspace" . . . or something). No champagne or cake, not even a celebratory cookie. Actually, Erinn did bake cookies, but they were Easter cookies not Blog Celebratory cookies.

One perk of passing the one-year mark: I can hurl trivial historical facts at you with a degree of certainty not otherwise available.

Here's one to start with: the ice on Lang Lake went out on April 5th, a full month earlier than last year. As a bonus, my 84 year-old father's friends talked him out of ice fishing the day before. The weather has been great, but it's still too early for a swim. I went for an unexpected swim in November once, after prematurely insisting that the ice was safe. Not all breathtaking experiences are recommendable.

The most amazing part of blogging is that people actually read. That's the biggest incentive to write, outweighing the improbabilities of fame and fortune and interviews with Ellen.

It isn't too late to celebrate this momentous first anniversary, by the way. You can send me a virtual cake.

My thoughts on 161 posts, and a year of impulsive writing? It was a lot of fun. Here's to another year . . . (a round of cyber champagne to all).

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