Wednesday, August 3, 2011

crazy intermission

Are humans born crazy, or do we get that way later? That was the question I asked while watching a horde of campers line up for a traditional plunge into an icy spring-fed pool during a canoe trip at the youth camp last week in Ava, Missouri. Later, during a seaweed fight (another camp tradition), I asked the question again. And then again when we raided the campers dormitories at 1:00 AM to herd them outside for a game of capture the flag, while the staffers showered them with water balloons.

The craziest thing is that these kids look forward to this and other insanities all year. And I thought firefighters were nutty.

The week ended with a 1950's themed banquet.

In spite of the lack of sleep, and frenzied activity in oven-like heat, it was a fun week. Definitely worth another 18 hour drive next year.

Here's what I think. We're born crazy, and we get crazier as time goes. It's all part of the master plan to keep life from becoming a bore.

Next post I'll try to wrangle my recalcitrant mind back into some sort of firefighting theme.

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