Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Of Groundhogs, Lynx, and Politics

Legend has it that the groundhog wakes up on February 2 and comes out to check the weather. If he sees his shadow, he spooks and runs back down his hole, precipitating another six weeks of cold weather. If he doesn't see his shadow, spring is supposed to come.

Somehow the legend just doesn't work in this part of the country. It was -30 this morning. No self respecting groundhog would stir in this weather, even if he could dig out from under the couple feet of ice and snow that blocks the entrance of his den. It's too bad, actually. If he could have made it out, the blinding winter sun would have scared the living daylights out of him. He would have run back down his hole faster than greased lightning . . . and we would only get six more weeks of winter.

[Side note: Even the most magical rodent wouldn't be able to bring spring in February, but last year proved that mid March is a possibility. However, last year Groundhog Day was cloudy. So much for that legend.]

Speaking of critters, my neighbour Christina Harris photographed this lynx on the way to a sledding party last Sunday. This cat was born to live in -30.

I made an error in my last blog. The Trans Canada isn't 6000 km long. It's 7820 kilometres long. 7466 of those kilometres are covered in part or in whole by volunteers . . . according to my scientific research. Yes, the idea of me doing scientific research is still hilarious.

MP Rafferty is tabling a Parliamentary motion in support of volunteer firefighters in the near future. I will keep you posted so that you can write your MP to tell him or her to support it, or face the prospect of being voted out faster than a frostbitten groundhog running down his hole on in February. Or something like that.

Brian from SwitchtoPlanb has switched his blog to Plan B, and now can be found here or in the blog roll on the side at The Damage is Done.

I have more aimless ramblings to write but it is only an hour until midnight, after which it will no longer be Groundhog Day, and I might turn into a pumpkin.

I'll leave you with a link to Paul Combs' newest cartoon.

After note: I was in such a hurry to post before pumpkin hour that I forgot to add one more important link to the Canadian Volunteer Firefighters Association. I will eventually add a permanent link on the side, but this will aim you in their direction for now. At some point or other I may post some of my less aimless ramblings on their blog, which will hopefully be up and running soon.

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