Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just do it!

Support for MP Rafferty's volunteer firefighter motion isn't spreading like wildfire in a snowless spring yet, but we're working on it (yes, I have now used that simile three times in two posts).

It's hard for any politically marginal idea to spread, especially if it has a potentially large price tag. It doesn't help that we've been drowning in the rains of recession for a couple years, and that money is as scarce as dry socks in a monsoon (finally a new simile). You can help dry out the forest though, but clicking my fancy new M-635 button on the right side. It will take you to a page with a sample letter to your MP in support of the motion for volunteer firefighters, and some hopefully helpful hints to make it easy to customize and send the letter.

You can read some other chiefs' perspective on the motion here.

As if the forest isn't wet enough, we have another teensy, weensy problem. In order for the motion to move to second reading, another MP must pick it up and move it forward, because MP Rafferty has already reached his quota for this term. Yet another reason to send the letter of support to your MP: he or she might be able to get in on the action to support volunteer firefighters.

Please send the letter, even though I can't promise you riches and good luck. Come to think of it, I could promise you riches and good luck . . . I just couldn't keep the promise. Hey, it works at election time.

Just send the letter.


  1. For those that don't think this affects them, just remember if you ever drive the trans-canada highway west of Thunder Bay, our 30year old trucks are what will be responding to your accident. My dept runs a 1984 Ontario government truck that currently can't pump water, so don't catch on fire.

    Our Auto-extrication equipment consists of a hand-saw and hand operated spreaders provided by the Ont gov. Jaws of life will be called in from a neighbouring dept, if avaialble. If they can't come, we'll call the next one over.

    We are currently thinking about buying jaws of life but at $30,000 they represent 50% of my annual budget. But, we need a newer truck at $200,000 before we get to the equipment to put on the truck.

  2. The sad saga continues right across this very large country . . .


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