Tuesday, June 30, 2009

summer time

Summer is in full swing now. You'd never know by looking that it was snowing a little more than a month ago. It's a regular tropical jungle out there, minus the heat (it was 9 degrees today). It's been raining for four or five days, there are waist high flowers in the garden and the poplars are in full leaf. As we boondocks firefighters say, "green up" is here.

We tore apart a car yesterday evening. Don't worry, it was a an old junker, not the neighbour's. It has happened you know. Firefighters getting the wrong car, that is. I heard about a crew that showed up at a vehicle crash, with people reportedly injured. Adrenalin was running high, people milling around, smashed cars here and there. The crew was directed to an injured person inside a vehicle off to the side. They whipped out the heavies, pried the door off and backboarded the patient. A well trained crew is beautiful to watch . . . just like a well oiled machine. Moments after the rescue, the irate owner appeared demanding what the #@!* they were doing. He had offered a seat to the injured person in his immaculate car, which by the way was not involved in the crash. The patient was waiting . . . well waiting patiently for someone to come help. And help they did. There is a reason why we say "try before you pry."

I can sympathize with both sides in this scenario. I'd hate to have someone rip off my car door, especially if they didn't need to. But I'd really hate to be the guy that ripped off the wrong door. Lots of folks make mistakes, but firefighters get to make them very publicly.

I'm going to offer you another recipe. "Tim's Curried Chicken." I used pre-made curry powder, but you can make your own if you want. Here are some recipes I haven't tried, but they've got to be good . . . they're on the internet.

Tim's Curried Chicken
  1. take some chicken legs, or thighs . . . or legs and thighs
  2. roll them in a mixture of flour, curry powder, garlic, and whatever other spices you like
  3. fry them in oil until they are nice and brown
  4. pour some water or chicken broth on them
  5. add a bunch of curry powder, some garlic, some soy sauce, some grated fresh ginger, and some salt
  6. note: sorry about the no measurement thing. If you don't know how much to put in, just add a little of each (except the curry powder - you'll need quite a bit) then add more, a little at a time until it tastes the way you want it to
  7. add some diced potatoes
  8. cover and cook until the chicken is done (no red juices when you poke it), add more water if necessary, but not so much as to dilute the flavour
  9. add some chopped chinese cabbage, half an onion sliced, some baby corn, a chopped red bell pepper, and some sliced mushrooms . . . sorry, still no measurements . . . there should be a good balance of chicken and vegetables
  10. cover and cook a little longer. . . the veggies should be nice and bright coloured but still crunchy
  11. thicken with corn starch
  12. serve on rice (cooked with curry powder and soy sauce)

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