Saturday, June 13, 2009

hockey and the underdog

The Penguins won. Wow. I won't bore you with my opinions about the whys and what-ifs of hockey, but I will tell you that my son Phillip and his buddies are ecstatic. If nothing else, this means the Stanley Cup will visit Thunder Bay this summer. For you uninformed hockey illiterates (no insult intended . . . I'm in hockey preschool myself:-)), Jordan Staal is from a small community outside of Thunder Bay, and since he is a Penguin, the cup will visit his hometown. The last time it came to our area was when his brother's team, the Hurricanes, won the cup a few years ago. You can read Jordan Staal's stats here. If official stats aren't your thing (and they probably aren't if you are reading this blog), but you still have a burning desire to know about the road to NHL greatness, click here for the Wikipedia version of Jordan's history. If you want a lighter, more reader-friendly opinion about recent hockey events, click here. I think Gerry takes Saturday off, but I'm sure he'll have an opinion tomorrow.

I love it when the underdog wins. It's probably because firefighters are often the underdogs against a much better equipped adversary. This is particularly true amongst the volunteer ranks. The extraordinary thing is that we do win sometimes, in true Pens vs. Wings style. If you have a little time, a good computer, and an interest in seeing what firefighters are really up against, watch this video.

I don't write every day, against the better advice of the writing sages. I could list my reasons, but I am against deliberately boring my readers. This weekend though, I'm making an exception (to the writing rule, not the deliberately boring rule). I'm in a hotel room with nothing to do but write my blog and wonder if anyone actually reads it. Today, it's the underdog, tomorrow it will be the heroes of Goulais, Aweres, and Searchmont. Stay tuned.

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