Monday, June 22, 2009

collisions, yet again

Bear with me for yet one more musing on collisions at yet a different level. We humans often collide with nature and with each other (as mentioned in an earlier post). People against governments . . . click here. Vehicles against vehicles . . . these ones are kind of like overgrown air hockey pucks. Click here. Vehicles against moose. We get a few of these each year, starting about now. The moose start roaming more when the black flies get bad. You would too, if you had to live out there all day with them. If you missed my posting on black flies, and the link to the black fly song, click here.

Some of the most devastating collisions are when humans collide with the elements, particularly fire. Then they call on us to pit element against element - water against fire. Humans are always the losers in these collisions. The fire destroys their stuff until we arrive. Then we destroy their stuff putting out the fire. If they are lucky there will be a little bit left in between that is salvageable.

The best thing is to avoid the collision in the first place. That isn't so easy in a people vs government situation like Iran. Some governments are bound to collide with the people eventually. It's easier with the other types of collisions. In winter, stay home when the roads are crappy. Keep your eyes peeled for the swamp donkeys (as they are affectionately called by some here). As far as avoiding a collision with fire, talk to your local fire department. You can also get some good information here.

Enjoy summer while it's here. You are always welcome to collide with me on this blog.

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