Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I saw a cartoon once of a horned devil muttering and fixing a flat tire along the pot-holed road to hell. His sidekick was saying, "What did you expect when it's only paved with good intentions?" My road to posting over at the Canadian Volunteer Fire Service blog has been pretty pot holey since I started a few months ago, which proves that I did have good intentions. I said that I would post once a week, but it's been more like once a month. Anyway I did finally get a new post up today. You can see it here.

Speaking of honeybees (ha, you didn't click the link and read the blog did you - if you had, you'd know what I was talking about) I heard on CBC the other day that elephants are terrified of them. Here's an article that talks about it. Scientists are experimenting with honeybee walls to protect farmers' fields. Nothing to do with firefighting, by the way.

Speaking of things that have nothing to do with firefighting, if you are interested in attending the world's largest robot conference, click here.

I think the July heat is getting to me.

If you are really set on reading a serious view about the fire service, here is an article that says retention of volunteer firefighters is suffering. In the words of Gomer Pile, surprise, surprise, surprise. Of course, if you had read my blog post over at CVFSA, you would have read my serious view about the fire service. Now I'm nagging. It must be the heat.

Speaking of heat, here is an article and video of a very close call explosion in England (bet you clicked that link - everyone likes a good explosion, especially when no firefighters get hurt).

Speaking of heat again, Ontario is getting it's turn at hot dry weather, and forest fires. They are burning a ways north of here, so they aren't a threat to our community, but there has been lots of low hanging smoke in the area the past few days. If you want an official report about the situation, click here. On second thought, if you really wanted to read something official, you wouldn't be hanging around my blog.

Speaking of smoke, I would have had a cool photo of the sun rising in the smoke this morning at 6:30, but I couldn't get my camera phone to work. I must of jinxed myself when I said I had it figured out.

Speaking of jinxing, I don't believe in it, which is why I decided to take the pumper for its weekly run last night during training. The truck goes out once a week, if we don't get a call. I've found for some reason that if I take it out early in the week we usually get a call the next day or so. If I take it out later in the week, we don't. Just a superstitious fire service thing. Anyway, as I said, I don't believe in jinxes, so I took the truck for its weekly run, then went the extra mile and blabbed to everyone that I didn't believe in jinxes. This morning at 5:00 our pagers went off. It was a tractor trailer in the ditch, and was just enough of a call to keep the legend alive.

I still don't believe in jinxes, by the way. You can read about it here (better click the link if you don't want seven years of bad luck . . . oh, never mind).


  1. Tim u are a true comedian, and a genius! Which we all knew already but thought I'd mention it for posterity's sake. I enjoyed your thoughts written out. - Kathy M.

  2. Thanks! Writing is definitely one of my happy places.


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