Saturday, December 12, 2009

New uploads

Not much to say today, except that I uploaded the last of the cartoons that I drew for Firefighting in Canada. You can see the complete set of cartoons, and a brief blurb on why I drew each of them by clicking here. I also included links to the articles that they orginally were intended to accompany.

I'm not making fun of the Farmer's Almanac anymore, although I haven't cried 'uncle' yet. You may remember that they predicted a bitterly cold and dry winter, and I counter-predicted that we would have balmy weather with just enough cold to make ice for the hockey players. So far, they are winning. It's been nearly -30 every night for the past week or so, and every snow storm that Environment Canada forecasted has fizzled out somewhere far south or east of here before we got even a flake.

The ice part of my prediction is coming true though. The ice-makers, bless their frosty souls, have nearly finished the hockey rink, and my son and his buddies will soon be slapping the puck around in frigid bliss. The down side is that I will be expected to partake in the celebration, and will undoubtedly emulate Phillip's heroes (the Leafs) by losing most of the games I play against them.

I may be crying uncle yet, especially if it doesn't warm up at little.

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