Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Whether or not I'm a real writer, I do have experiences that at least parallel the real folks. Like deadlines. Today I met my deadline for the October issue of Fire and EMS Quarterly. Well, I sort of met it. I finished the article and Erinn critiqued it, but it isn't really finished until it sits for a couple days and cools down. Then I like to read it one more time, and I usually find a thing or two to change. It may seem weird, but it beats opening up the October issue and thinking, "Man, I shouldn't have written it like that."

Considering that yesterday morning the article consisted of a decent beginning, a scramble of discombobulated of ideas scattered across the middle, and no ending, I feel fairly accomplished. I'm not sure why I had to wait until last night to wrangle all those recalcitrant ideas into a semblence of order, but it has something to do with deadline pressure.

Alternately, it could be the Deadly Digital Doldrums, which I may have caught from Brian over at Switch2PlanB. It seems to be contagious, so if your fingers start feeling heavy, and you start nodding off, run Norton and disinfect your keyboard. The Digital Doldrums may actually be related to Digital Swine Flu, which I grappled with last winter. You can read my wisdom on Digital Swine Flu here.

You can't read my October article yet, but you may as well know that it addresses the Evil Anti Volunteer Syndicates, which I said I would reckon with a while ago. Maybe this time they'll listen. You can read my July article, if you haven't already.

Now I'm starting to sniffle a little. I just had to conjure up those digital swine.


  1. well, I've read your blog and your Spontaneous Combustion column and have decided that you are both a REAL fireman and REAL writer...Hope you're on the mend from digital doldrums...

  2. Convalescense is a slow process.


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