Sunday, September 11, 2011


I'm staring at my computer screen after a very long day of harassing (aka: training) the dedicated volunteer firefighters of Red Lake. I'm thinking about the 10th anniversary of a new kind of madness. 9/11.

I should have something wise and insightful to say, but I don't. I can't pretend to understand the forces that fueled the attack, or the ones that have perpetuated the ten years of conflict that followed. I can't comprehend 343 firefighters killed in one blow, or the hundreds of thousands of people - innocent and otherwise - that died after. So I'm not going to pretend.

Tomorrow we will remember by moving forward with our lives. We will take a moment of silence to reflect, but then we will keep on training, learning, living. I hope it's an appropriate way to honour the fallen, because it's the best I can do for them.

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