Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cold Turkey

To all of you hard-core Beebewitz Blog addicts, sorry about the withdrawal symptoms you've suffered during this seven day dearth of posts. I hope you haven't crumbled under your craving for eccentric firefighter trivia, or traded me in for another nutty blog spot.

On the other hand, if you were blissfully unaware that I was derelict in my unsworn duty to post at least twice per week, let's pick up where we left off, and hope that the Blog Gestapo (who insist on disciplined consistency) are on holidays.

Things may improve, now that the spring training rush is over. Last weekend we held the last course at the Thunder Bay Protective Emergency Services Training Centre (affectionately called PEST). It was bittersweet, but mostly sweet. My desire for an occasional weekend off has finally trumped the enjoyment of training volunteer firefighters. Some people may be wired to work seven day weeks, but not me.

I spent yesterday morning carefully avoiding the heap of papers that has turned my desk into a leaning tower of Babel (mixed metaphors again). After lunch, the secretary gave me more papers to add to the heap. Last night (or rather, very early this morning) a passing motorist hit a moose, causing a three vehicle crash . . . and adding more papers to the heap. I snatched the luxury of sleeping in a couple hours this morning, then half-heartedly attacked the Tower of Babel. I didn't conquer it - in fact, I only knocked a few shingles off the roof - but the secretary was happy that I chose her papers for my initial attack.

I celebrated my success by mowing the fire hall lawn, which was knee high in Indian paintbrush. By the time that was finished, it was happily too late to make another assault on Babel, so I packed it in for the day. Perhaps tomorrow will be more report-friendly (except that the tanker needs an oil change, the June training schedule needs to be written, the air compressor is acting up, the rescue vehicle has a burned out low beam . . .).

This evening we were invited to a Wii party, hosted by some friends to celebrate the visits of a number of ex Upsalanians and their kids. After a couple hours of virtual hockey, tennis, dance, and motorcycle games, Erinn read my mind and told me to go home and blog. Incidentally, you may not suffer withdrawal symptoms when I don't blog, but I do.

John Rafferty is coming to Upsala for our Canada Day fireworks display. There are plenty of other places where he could see a better show, be eaten by fewer mosquitoes, and shake more important hands, but for some reason he chose our fair village.

He's definitely an impractical kind of guy . . . which is probably why I like him.

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