Thursday, May 12, 2011

whirling dervish

I've been a Tasmanian Devil trying to catch my tail for the last week, and haven't been able to snatch time for blogging. I did send a post to the Canadian Volunteer Firefighters Association yesterday, and it should be up soon (I'm not able to post it myself yet, and have to wait for admin to do it. Grrrr).

For now, check out this video and training site on safety around high voltage lines (thanks to Ken VanEvery for sending the link). It came just after I chased a young traveller away from a dangling high voltage line yesterday at a grass fire. There's more to that story, but it will have to wait . . . along with stories that continue to smoulder from the conference . . . and potential stories from the Mod A that we are going to teach this weekend in Thunder Bay . . . and stories about my withdrawal symptoms from going cold turkey off of blogging . . . grrrrr.

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