Friday, March 4, 2011

gadget doohickeys

I love little gadget doohickeys that make it look like I know how to write html-anese. Except that everyone knows that Blogger uses dummy proof doohickeys, and that even my dog Sasha could install most of them blindfolded with one paw tied behind her back. By the way, did you know that doohickey is really a word? It is.

Now that you are sufficiently impressed with my literary prowness - that is, if you clicked the link and saw that doohickey really is a word - check out my install-a-gadget prowness and cast a vote on my new voter doohickey on the right side. And after you're done voting 'yes,' click on the M-635 icon doohickey and email your MP (if you haven't already).

Speaking of contacting MP's, I sent an email today to Conservative MP Brian Jean from Fort McMurray - Athabasca riding and requested that he consider moving M-635 forward to second reading. MP's have more important things to do than respond immediately to every two-bit fire chief that writes them about life and death issues, so I don't expect an answer right away, but I do hope he at least considers the issue before hitting the delete button. He should consider it. Wandering River is in his riding, and the town of 400+ people currently has no fire department because of recruiting problems.

You can read a post that I wrote last summer about Wandering River and some of the reasons volunteer departments have recruiting problems here. You can read my October column for Fire and EMS Quarterly (which stemmed from the Wandering River story) here. After you're done reading those fascinating pieces of Canadian literature, you can email MP Jean and tell him that you think he should take up M-635.

I never was into giving subtle hints.

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