Saturday, March 6, 2010

Upside Down

Bureaucrats abound, the Olympics come to an end, and lunatics bomb voters in Iraq. The world continues to turn in a crazy, lopsided rotation.

If I was virtuous, I wouldn't complain so much about bureaucrats (especially since I technically belong to this genre of humanity). I also wouldn't brag about Canada winning the majority of Olympic gold, and I wouldn't despise terrorism so much (maybe I would still despise terrorism). But I'm not virtuous and it's fun to complain and brag. And I will always despise terrorism, especially the catawompus, topsy-turvy, irrational brand that is scared spitless of democracy. You can read my October 28 opinion on terrorism's intimidation by democracy here.

Not that Canada is totally angelic in its world affairs. War ruins more than just lives and landscape. It pushes people over the brink of behavioural cliffs that they would have steered far away from in a non-combat situation. I have a deep mistrust of media and bureaucrats, and especially media that is spoon fed by bureaucrats, but if this article has any truth in it, we've got problems.

On to brighter, happier topics. I recently hooked up with the alumni of a small school I attended from 1972-1974 (for the record, I was in grades 5 and 6). It's been a hilariously fun experience, except that I spend an inordinate amount of time on Facebook now, when I should be venting my rage on bureaucrats, or preparing for a course I'm teaching on aircraft rescue, or job hunting, or spending quality time with my family, or just plain, old-fashioned working. This particular school seems to have generated a high percentage of crazy people . . . and for once I feel like I fit in just a little.

March has come in like the fuzziest, warmest, lambliest lamb you could possibly image for this climate. The snow is melting daily, the sun is shining, and at this rate the ground will be bare by Easter. But it won't keep on at this rate. Even an incurable, pie-in-the-sky optimist like me can't believe that winter is over, but I'm feeling optimistic enough to make a forecast for the month of March. And, seeing that my skillful blend of wishful thinking and optimism trumped the Farmer's Almanac at the beginning of winter, I am emboldened to make another prediction.

Beebewitz Forecasting Ltd says that the weather will stay warm for two more weeks, long enough to fool us into thinking spring really is here, then it will turn ugly in the last week of March and dump a bunch of snow on us, making up for the lack of white stuff in January and February. If you are saying that I'm capitalizing on the old "March comes in like a lamb, then goes out like a lion" maxim, . . . you're right.

As if the world wasn't upside down enough, Sidney Crosby was booed in his home arena (which happens to be in Pittsburgh) for scoring the winning Olympic goal for Canada. You can read Pittgirl's opinion on it here. Scroll down to comment #24 for my two-cents on the issue.

Nothing on firefighting today. The weather is just too nice.

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