Thursday, January 28, 2010

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Once in a while firefighters mess up, and a crew in Cambridge, Massachusetts messed up on Tuesday. A hose came off their truck on the way to a call, and killed an 82 year- old woman. It wasn't the first time a fire truck lost a hose - I have my own personal experience - but we need to make it the last time.

Firefighters are supposed to be the good guys. Just look at the polls that rate various occupations. Firefighters are right up there with school teachers and nurses and angels. If we wanted to hurt people we would have joined Al Qaeda.

The first sad thing about this story is that someone died before their time. The second sad thing is that a good crew of firefighters has more trauma to add to their already bulging backpacks full of traumas. The third sad thing is that a gaggle of blood-thirsty lawyers will pad their wallets picking the whole incident apart for the next couple of years.

There. I got the sad stuff out of the way.

On a happier note, check out this piano acrobat. If you watch Ellen, you may have already seen him (he only does acrobatics in the first piece).

While we're on the topic of my favourite Youtube music clips, click here for a guitar duet like you've never seen before (unless you saw it in my September 15 entry).

Here is one more that I was able to embed:

On another happy note, That's Church blogger Virginia Montanez is back in action, and now has a second blog - slightly tamer, but just as fun - under the alias of Pittgirl.

In the kaleidoscope of feelings that we call Life, everyone chooses their own colours to fly under. I usually pick bright, happy feelings, but sometimes the black, dark stuff gets right into your face and you can't escape it. Earthquakes that destroy huge portions of humanity. Freak accidents that ruin people's lives.

Being a firefighter is a strange mix of black and bright . . . but I'll try to reserve this blog spot for the bright . . . most of the time.

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