Wednesday, September 30, 2009

indian summer?

I was wrong, and the Farmers Almanac was right. It snowed on Monday. Take that you blasted blackflies. Not that the snow hurts them any . . . they're sitting by the fireplace right now, warming their wings and waiting for Indian Summer. Incidentally, I still think we're going to get an Indian Summer. Some folks believe we've already had it, but the nice weather in September doesn't qualify. Indian Summer has to follow snow, at least in my opinion. The Wikipedia version is wrong on this one. Hey, this time I'm right - I've seen lots of Indian Summers come after lots of snow storms.

30 years ago, this was my favourite season. My brother and I, along with a few other people at various times, headed out each year to our trapper cabin on Seseganaga Lake. The cabin wasn't near as nice as the Seseganaga Lake Lodge, but it was warm and dry for the most part. We would stay from the end of September through most of December. It was a great way for a teenager to spend the fall and early winter.

You may have heard that Lucy died. That's Lucy from "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" fame. It appears that all those LSD rumours spread by the anti-Beatles lobby were wrong . . . just like my weather predictions. Maybe our venerated elders should have read the Farmer's Alamanac.

As promised, the recipe for Tim's Parmesan Garlic Basil Oregano Pepper Bread Sticks.
Tim's PGBOP Bread Sticks
  1. Decide that you need something to go with your potato soup
  2. check the cupboard to make sure you have some bread (a slice per person, or more if you really think you'll like the recipe. I used whole grain bread, but you can use whatever kind you like . . . Canada is a free country in spite of what the anti-public-health-care folks think)
  3. spray a cookie sheet with oil
  4. put the bread on a cutting board and butter it
  5. sprinkle on a generous amount of Parmesan cheese
  6. sprinkle on a bit of garlic, basil and oregano, then grind some fresh pepper on top
  7. slice the bread into strips with a sharp knife . . . if you do it carefully you won't knock too much of the good stuff off
  8. lay the strips on the cookie sheet, spacing out a bit
  9. oops. I forgot to tell you to set the oven at 350 degrees
  10. put the pan in the oven, then fret over the potato soup that you aren't sure is going to turn out (see previous post)
  11. don't get too absorbed in fretting over the soup, or you'll burn the bread sticks
  12. toast them until they are as crispy as you want them

I knew you were going to ask me how long. I really don't know . . . I was too busy fretting over the soup. Just check them frequently. Some people like them soft, some like them brown and crunchy, some like them in between . . . but no one likes them black.

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