Monday, August 31, 2009

pay attention

They survived the first day of school, just as they always have and hopefully always will. It's tough going to school when the weather is beautiful and you'd rather be outside doing something fun instead of inside learning something un-fun.

If our kids learn nothing else, hopefully they'll learn the importance of following instructions, even when you think you know better. Check out this article about some folks that should have done as they were told in a wildfire in California. Considering two firefighters have already died in this fire, the last thing firefighters need is people who think they know better.

Here is yet another article on Canadian health care vs US Medicare (thanks to my sister-in-law). It explains the differences much more eloquently than I did. I promise I'll lay this issue to rest now, and won't badger you anymore on the superiority of the Canadian system . . . unless I find another cool article.

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