Friday, July 24, 2009


I'm going away for a week or so, and (get your Kleenex box handy) I might not be able to blog during that time. Yes, I know it's sad, and yes, you can take a moment to wipe your eyes and blow your nose. But such is the drama of life.

Speaking of drama, here is an update on DJ Harper, the boy that was rescued from a burning SUV on Sunday. If you believe in prayer, now would be a good time to add this little guy to your list. Third degree burns are ugly, nasty injuries. Even grown-up, tough-guy firefighters say they are some of the most miserably painful wounds to recover from. I'm not a doctor, and don't know the full extend of the burns, but I suspect he will need months, possibly years to recover. I will try to follow his progress, but stories like this have an annoying habit of disappearing after the initial drama dies down. I think the media knows that most folks get tired of reading about skin grafts, plastic surgery and rehabilitation, unless it has to do with Michael Jackson or Lindsay Lohan.

As a side note, I hear you can help with DJ's medical bills by donating to the David Harper Fund at any US bank. Click here for the story. In another story, the mother apparently admitted falling asleep at the wheel. Click here. Before you become the judge, jury and executioner, and decide that this lady doesn't deserve any support, consider that people fall asleep at the wheel every day. Just because their SUV didn't catch fire doesn't make them less guilty. Lucky maybe, but no less guilty. The real issue is that a little boy is going to need some expensive care.

I leave early tomorrow to take my son and two of his friends to a youth camp in Missouri for a week of fun, sports and church-related activities. I'm trying to stay positive and consider this a holiday, but driving 18 hours there and and 18 hours back is enough to put a damper on any fun that might happen in between. The fire hall secretary philosophically reminded me yesterday that any change is a holiday. I'm not Socrates or Plato, but I'll do my best to look on the bright side . . . and I'm sure it will be fun.

Because I'm going to a backward, recession-plagued country (the US), I don't have assurance that there will be internet service, so I may have to postpone posting (say that ten times fast). Actually the real reason I might not blog is that I probably won't have time. I hear they keep people hopping from dawn to dusk, and into the night at this youth camp.

I hope to be writing again by August 2 or 3. I know, it's going to be hard to live without my keen insight and thought-provoking mumbo jumbo, but you'll have to manage somehow. You could always go back and read some of my other 50+ posts . . .

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