Thursday, May 7, 2009


Spring, that ever elusive (and sometimes deceptive) fairy has sent many letters of intent, and even a promise or two that she will come to warm our cold corner of the planet. But now we have the ultimate assurance that she's serious, and that winter isn't going to last until next October. The ice went off of Lang Lake a few days ago. This is a clear demarcation point between Winter and Summer. An easy event to measure and document. Last week we were ice fishing. Now we're casting our lines from a boat. It's a great feeling to drive by the lake and see the ice gone, but someone needs to inform Star Command, or whoever runs the weather, that hello, enough of the white stuff falling from the sky. Didn't anyone tell you that Spring officially starts on March 21st?

Spring has a dancing partner that sometimes comes around this time of year. Wildland fire season. Of course, in years like this, the partner doesn't always want to party. Wildfire doesn't like dancing in the snow. So while we watch the news about California going up in smoke, I guess we should pull on our toques, grab a snowshovel, and be thankful that we aren't cursed with all of that nice, warm weather that grows oranges and attracts vacationers to the beach. It would be nice to see a little balance though. I'm sure the orange trees and vacationers wouldn't mind a little rain, and we could sure use some sunshine. If only I were in charge of the weather.

If you want to to see what happens when you mix winter stuff with spring, click here.

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