Sunday, April 19, 2009


It's snowing again. And spring was coming along so nicely. The tulips starting pushing through last week, not intimidated one iota by the six inches of white stuff still in the front yard. The snow seemed to take the hint that it wasn't welcome anymore, and started vanishing rapidly. The daffodils took courage from this apparent victory, and peeked out, followed by some other not-so-daring flowers.

But now it's snowing again, and the pessimists at Environment Canada are predicting that we'll get a couple of centimetres overnight. Bunch of kill joys. The least they could do is lie to us. It isn't as if lying is unexpected behaviour for a meteorologist. But no, they have to give us the hard cold truth.

Snow isn't all that bad I guess. In fact, for those living in igloos, it's quite essential. And it can be quite pretty on Christmas morning, fluttering down dreamily, all white an fluffy. But you can't blame me for being less than thrilled at the thought of waking up to a blanket of wet, white, slop the week after Easter. And then there's the prospect of being jarred awake at 2:00 AM when my pager goes off. That's the problem with snow. People ignore it and drive like it's the middle of July.

There are folks out there that capitalize on snow. My brother Paul is one of them. Movie stars are to paparazzi, what fluffy, white snow is to my brother. He takes pictures of snow for fun. Some people have twisted ideas about entertainment. But I must admit (grudgingly), his photography is outstanding. I don't recognize half of the scenery in his photos, even though most of them are taken within a few kilometres of my house. If you want to see a cool snowflake shot of his, click here. I've also added a link to his EyeFetch photos on my side bar.

So, snow isn't all that bad I guess. Like I said to my kids, there is no use complaining, it's going to come anyway. And the tulips don't seem to mind. They're going to come anyway too.

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